A Small Sample of Some of our Work - More Coming Soon


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LEGENDARY EDITION CAR'S - Our Crown Jewels all over 900HP and fully upgraded from Bumper to Bumper with Specialized Serial Numbers

LE #001 427 CID Twin Turbo 1100HP

LE #004 - Dragon Race Engineering's 427 Supercharged 1100HP

LE #003 402 Twin Turbo 950HP

LE #008 418 Supercharged 900HP - Mid Progress Exterior Picture - Check LE page for updated exterior pics

LE #006 402 Supercharged & Nitroused 900HP

LE #002 Supercharged 427 950HP

LE #007 Supercharged 434 900HP


CUSTOM PAINT WORK - A sample of some of the custom paintwork we've done



TWIN TURBO CARS - We pride ourselves on some of the most reliable and beautiful twin turbo setups around


SUPERCHARGED CARS - From our own 1000M to 1300HP Procharger Car's you'll find it here


N/A CARS - Our pride and joy when it comes to performance nobody Beats Dragon on pure N/A pump gas performance!

RACE CARS - When ET is the goal


Dragon's 1000HP 9 Second Camaro

Scott's 650HP GTR

Paul's 650HP 427 Camaro

Muff's 750HP Corvette

600HP Rear Mount Turbo Camaro

Gary's 434 1000HP Twin Turbo - Legendary Edition #001

Bill's 1000R C6

Greg's 402 Twin Turbo 950 HP - Legendary Edition #005

Mike's 600HP Twin Turbo GTO

Dave's 700HP Supercharged Corvette

Scott's 700 HP Custom C6

Dan's 650 HP Z06

Ginger's Blown T/A

Keith's 1300HP Blown Corvette

Dave's 550HP 383 LT4

Custom SRX Paint Job

500 HP LT4

540 HP Stage 3x Z06

540HP Stage 3X Corvette

12 second Stage 3 Corvette

900HP Supercharged 427 - Legendary Edition #002

John's Twin Turbo C5

Stage 3X 550 HP Corvette

Aaron's Stage 2 450HP Corvette

Ralph's 950HP Twin Turbo 402 Z06

Eric's 900HP Twin Turbo Corvette C6

Andrew's 900HP Supercharged 434 - Legendary Edition #008





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